About us

Despites of having roughly trapezoid a geographical shape possessing Terai, Hills and Mountains, Nepal have fantastic enriched, unique foods and cultural dances for you to experience. With altitudes and ethnicity, the dances of Nepal slightly differ in style as well as in the costumes. Accompanying music and musical instruments change in tune with the themes, which revolve around topics like harvesting of crops, marriage rites, festival, a lonely girl's yearning for her love, and several other themes and stories from everyday life in the villages.

Nepali Bhojan is therefore arises in 2014 to wonder and entertain your taste buds, eyes and ears with variety of Nepalese Traditional Dishes, glittering the moment with classical folk music and traditional dances prepares and performed live by highly-talented Chef and Dancers from various ethnic groups like Tharu, Newar, Magar, Sherpas and more. Programs are performed every evening based on providing refreshment moment during dinner for about three hours, serving best to stay in your memory long even after your departure.

Our dishes are focused on covering all Nepalese Cuisine that has developed over centuries among the Nepal. Typical Nepalese Cuisine is Nepali Bhojan's Special Dishes to offer.