Nepali Bhojan Special Foods

Nepali Bhojan serves typical Nepalese Dinner Package every evening for three hours. This program is focused both for traveler and local people who intends to have a glimpse of Nepalese Dishes and enjoy Live Cultural Show in short period of time. All served dishes are organic and freshly collected from villages everyday, which we believe will wonder your taste buds and swipe your appetite.


  1. Mustang Aalu (mustang potato fried)
  2. Chhoila (smoked chicken marinated with local spices)
  3. MO:MO: (steamed dumplings stuffed with minced meat)
  4. Badam Sadeko
  5. Kwati Ko Russ (mixed bean soup)

Main Course:

  1. Sada Bhuja (organic steam rice)
  2. Daal Janeko (organic lentil tempered with Nepali herbs and clarified butter)
  3. Kukhurako Masu (chicken curry cooked with aromatic local spices and herbs)
  4. Machha Tareko (fish Fry)
  5. Mismas Tarkari (organic mix Vegetable curry with local spices and herbs)
  6. Saag Tareko (sautéed organic spinach with Nepalese spices) and
  7. Achaar (homemade pickles)


  1. Shikarni (flavored sweet yoghurt) takes places as dessert or 
  2. Khir (Rice Pudding) or 
  3. Fruit Salad

Masala Tea

(Milk tea with aromatic local herbs) will ends the program.